Super-Insulated House
Howard County, MD
Certified Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) v2.1
"A Net Zero Energy Building Certified project must generate one-hundred percent of the project’s energy needs on-site using renewable energy, without the use of on-site combustion."
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Miche exhibited his recent work at the Islesford Dock Gallery in 2016
Little Cranberry Island, Maine


At the Horseshoe Casino Ballroom in Baltimore we accepted the US Green Building Council Wintergreen Award for the Old Hopkins Road House. The award is for excellence in residential green projects in Maryland. With me is Ed Gaddy my client and Taz Ezzat the contracter for the project. We are happy for this one and a big shout out to the whole team who worked on the house.

The solar array for the Old Hopkins Road House has been installed and is shown in the foreground...the house is visible behind and will be a certified Passive House, LEED Platinum as well as meeting most of the Petals for the Living Building Challenge.

This home will make more energy than it uses. We began design for this prototype dwelling a couple of years ago and it is finally finished--minus a few touches. I'll share more once it is properly photographed.