Miche Booz paints abstractly and figuratively in watercolor and mixed media. He has exhibited his work in galleries around Washington, DC and Yvoire, France. He also exhibits twice yearly at his studio in Brookeville, Maryland.

Some of his more recent shows include:

  • Galerie Atalante in Evian-Les-Bains, France (November - December, 1999)
  • "Les Deux Villages, Aquarelles récentes" - Galerie Oleum in Yvoire, France (March, 2005)
  • "Peintures récentes" - Galerie Oleum in Yvoire, France (March, 2006, April, 2007 through 2009)
  • "Peintures récentes" - La Grange à Joseph in Douvaine, France (June, 2011-2012)
  • Miche Booz Recent Works - Islesford Dock Gallery on Little Cranberry Island, Maine (August 2nd, 2015)